September 24, 2015
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Stonewalled: There is No Hope for Charles Dyer

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9.27.2015 Author’s Note: There is a point that needs to be clarified. The documents that are needed to prove Dyer’s innocence (or guilt) are owned by Janet Dyer. The paywall isn’t an issue for her, but it is for me. As is proven in this article, she already has the documents but won’t release them because she doesn’t trust the applicability of Rule #31.

dyer stonewalled

Karyn Marie Hardiman: refuses to release transcripts of Charles Dyer’s 3rd Court Trial.

By: Shane Radliff

September 24th, 2015


For the last 5 months or so, I have been doing as much as I possibly can to assist the ever-growing number of political prisoners who have been inhumanely caged by this violent institution known as the State. Kyle Rearden and I spent a lot of time acquiring, converting, and making available these court documents, in an attempt to provide transparency of the judicial branch by way of an extensive (free downloadable) archive. As of yet, I am unable to find another archive quite like it.

Judicial transparency is a major issue when it comes to the monopolistic adjudication system in this geographical location known as the United States, and it was the major incentive for the extensive hours we put into arranging these PDF files, in order to make them publicly accessible. As you can clearly tell, we are doing what we can to free those already imprisoned, as well as keep others out of the government dungeons.

In this article, I will lay out everything that transpired in my short-lived (but, very revealing) interactions with supporters of Charles Dyer, including Janet Dyer, his mother, and Karyn Marie Hardiman, Charles’ current girlfriend.

Before continuing, I’d like to rebuke one thing, that was unfortunately propagated by a Charles Dyer supporter, more specifically, Karyn Marie Hardiman. She claimed that my motives for bringing transparency to the Charles Dyer legal saga are the ones in question, whereas hers are not. I have demonstrated, time and again, that I have one agenda, and that is freedom. The end goal has changed, and our weekly listeners have seen my transition, but the agenda has remained the same. Every second I’m not working or attending higher level indoctrination lectures, I am researching, collaborating, or developing original content (in the form of articles, show preparation, etc.). I have withheld nothing (including my legal name and where I live) and somehow, apparently, my motives are the ones in question.

dyer and famTo begin, I should inform those that may not be aware, who exactly Charles Dyer is.

Charles, otherwise known as J4P (July4Patriot) to those in the Patriot community, was a YouTuber and Patriot. When he finished his time serving in the Marines, he realized that things were very wrong in this country and started to speak publicly about a variety of grievances. He gained a significant following and this drew the attention of the government.

In 2010, Dyer was charged with possession of an illegal weapon, more specifically, a Colt M-230 millimeter grenade launcher. That charge was dropped, but another one arose, which he was eventually convicted of, and is currently serving a 30 year sentence for: the molestation of his daughter, Hayley.

There has been a lot of both, controversy and speculation, through the years. There have also been a significant number of people who have given up on Charles, due to the lack of transparency that surrounds his entire case, and no matter how much effort was put into it, the questions remain unanswered.

There has been a complete stonewall, and unfortunately, it is not due to a lack of judicial transparency. Rather, this stonewalling comes from those that are closest to him; specifically, his mother and his current girlfriend.

Grab some popcorn and brace yourselves, because this ain’t pretty.

I was introduced to Charles Dyer in preparation for an interview with Kyle Rearden from The Last Bastille blog. Dyer was one of the case studies in our examination of activist legal defense fund scams.

Hearing about his case, I was disgusted by some of his supporters scamming donators and went on a mission to figure out what happened, by retrieving the court documents that have been unavailable for so long. I searched on Facebook, and found a group titled, “Justice for Charles Dyer.” Now, I can’t guarantee the accuracy of that title, as I was ostracized from the group.

After I joined that group, I posted the link to the court documents archives on Liberty Under Attack, that we had already been able to acquire. A lady named Karyn Marie Hardiman was very active in the group, and further investigation revealed that she was Charles’ girlfriend. I sent her a message on Facebook telling her that I would be happy to host the court documents on my website, and do anything I could to assist Charles, by providing transparency. She gave me her phone number and I contacted her that evening.

I introduced myself and told her what I was able to do and she told me that she would get me any documents she could. She also brought me up to speed with the current happenings, which consisted of appeals, petitions, and other desperate attempts. She first directed me toward the “Files” tab in the aforementioned group. I informed her that I had already been there and retrieved all of the documents available.

It is worth a mention that the documents were hosted on Scribd. I have a burning hatred for that archival outlet, because if you aren’t a paying member, you have to “make a contribution” for whatever document you download. It is a major pain in the ass, and the worst part is that the “official court documents” available there, were merely just JPG’s pasted into Word documents. That meant that Kyle and I had to save every image, and convert them into PDF’s. Additionally, some of the documents were missing pages, which is a major problem, as it reduces the authenticity of them significantly.

Even before I knew how to create archives and make them easily accessible, I was furious at the lack of organization and accessibility by this Facebook group. I also gained a greater insight as to why Charles is still rotting away in a government dungeon.

As I mentioned previously, I posted a link to the archive that Kyle and I were able to acquire and make available on the LUA website. A different lady named Nancy Genovese contacted me, via a comment on the post. Linked, is a ZIP file with our entire conversations, but for the sake of time, I will condense a conversation that spanned multiple days.

(Author’s note: I didn’t think to screenshot our conversation on the group wall, so the files above are strictly private messages between Genovese and I.)

I initially messaged her to comment on her terrible archiving “skills”.

I said:


The “10 Appeal Filed By Jackson” Scribd document is 45 JPEG’s. I’m having a colleague of mine put them all into one PDF so it is much easier to download. That should be beneficial for those looking for these documents.

If I may make a suggestion, it is much easier for them to be in PDF form so that those who want access to the documents can get them in one foul [fell] swoop. And even better, they don’t have to be in ZIP file format.

Check out my court documents page on my website to see how we did it.”

I then mentioned to her that page 5 was missing in the “DNA Search Warrant – Return Warrant and Report #1” document. She then stated that she put up all of the documents Janet Dyer sent her and if there is a page missing, it’s because that’s the way Janet wanted it.

I call bullshit. I have more, and they aren’t missing pages.

Continuing on, she then started bickering with me about the one-click ZIP file I added at the top of the page for convenience. We had 50+ documents on the archive regarding multiple political prisoners, and to make it easy for our readers, we gave them the ability to download them all in one fell swoop.

She went on to “inform” me about how dangerous ZIP files were and that I was putting everyone at risk for having that up. I told her that all of the documents can be downloaded individually, but we put up the ZIP file to make it easier for the readers. She then began telling me what to do with my own fucking website. She “recommended” that I remove the ZIP file, or at least remove it from the preview on the Facebook page.

I definitely didn’t remove the ZIP file, but to end this ridiculous fucking conversation about file formats, while a man is rotting away in prison, I removed the preview.

This was over four months ago and you can already see where this frustration comes from.

Before we move forward, I’d like to reference the interview we did with Kyle Rearden on activist legal defense fund scams. For our weekly listeners, you know exactly who this devil-woman is. In Kyle’s article, he discusses Genovese briefly:

”Debra Swan established the Dollars4Dyer legal defense fund in September of 2011. After Miss Swan had collected only $50 in donations, Rick Light committed libel when he asserted that she stole $10,000 from the fund, as well as claiming that Jan Dyer (Charles’ mother) never had access to the funds raised, or was even aware of it (this is also the very same Rick Light who has been consorting with employees or agents of the government, especially the FBI with regard to the Charles Dyer affair). Concurrently, a totally separate legal defense fund was established on ChipIn by Patriot Unity Coalition member organization Patriot Legal Defense (that has since become defunct), which was run by Nancy Genovese (aka, Mystcstar), who was the very same individual who single-handedly bankrolled New Colony Media during my short-lived stint with them. No accounting of any donated funds was ever made publicly available by Genovese’s Patriot Legal Defense organization.”[Emphasis added]

As you can clearly see, I had previous knowledge of this woman, and I knew exactly what I was getting into. I surely wasn’t surprised with the use of her signature tactic, misdirection.

In the coming weeks, I had a few more conversations with Karyn. She pointed me in the direction of Janet Dyer to acquire the documents I desired. I emailed Janet and, thankfully, received quite a few. Within this email, I received the transcripts for the first two trials, as well as others available on the archive. I do appreciate the documents I received from Janet, although, the most important ones were missing.

I then responded and requested the transcripts from the 3rd trial.

The screenshot below is her response:



Ah, the “Operation Floodlight” argument. We will debunk the supposed BAR attorney’s statement in a moment. The most important part to take away from this is that Jan paid $700 for the conviction and the 2nd trial transcripts. She has those transcripts.

Let’s examine “Operation Floodlight” for a moment. This is from the official version released on April 4, 2014:

“There are several hearings and trials that involve this case. They are referenced as follows: Preliminary Hearing (PH); Daubert Hearing (DH); 1st trial (T1); 2nd trial (T2); 3rd trial (T3); Post-Conviction Relief Brief. Only a brief summary of the transcripts and evidence is provided as well as the trial and page numbers in which the summarized information can be found. Copies of the original transcripts by law cannot be provided nor distributed due to the nature of the case and for the protection of the minor child.”[Emphasis added]

Wait a minute… “Operation Floodlight” states that, “Copies of the original transcripts by law cannot be provided nor distributed…” It doesn’t say that the transcripts from the 3rd trial can’t be released. It implies that none of them can be released.

But again, wait a minute. The transcripts of the first two trials are available on the LUA Charles Dyer archive and Janet Dyer has not been pursued by the authorities because of their release. They have been available for about three months.

Let’s take a look at another of Janet’s statements in one of our conversations:

Email from Janet - They Have the Transcripts


She openly states that her computer is being tracked and watched. Whether or not that is true doesn’t really matter. The point is that she believes it is, and she still released the transcripts of the first two trials, which contradicts “Operation Floodlight” in its entirety.

I then inquired about the legal citation from both Karyn and Janet, that supposedly prevented them from releasing the documents. They had no clue. Karyn directed me to Janet, who in turn referenced the lawyer and directed me to the transcriptionist. I’ve had previous encounters with government agents during my political field trips, and most of them were much easier than dealing with being given the runaround. With “supporters” like these, who needs bureaucrats?

Kyle and I then did some research. It wasn’t easy, but it took just one evening. We dug through the Oklahoma Statutes and Oklahoma Administrative Code, but it was from a random Google search when we found the Charles Dyer Holy Grail; it debunked everything we have been told by Charles Dyer’s alleged supporters.

The document is titled, “Personal Identifier Information on Court Documents – Rules for the District Court of Oklahoma, Rule #31”.

Section B states:

The responsibility for following the guidelines set forth above rests solely with counsel, the parties, or any other filer. The Clerk of the Court will not review documents for compliance with this rule, seal documents or redact documents. If a filer includes personal identifier information and other sensitive information in any document filed with the courts, electronically or otherwise, the document becomes a public record as filed.” [Emphasis added]

Immediately, I sent that to Karyn and Janet, thinking that this would be the key to acquiring those court documents. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Janet then, again, directed me to the transcriptionist, whom I emailed, but didn’t hear back from. She also mentioned that she couldn’t release the documents or she could be criminally liable. It’s worth a mention, that contacting the transcriptionist was just a way to cover all my bases, as I wasn’t going to pay her a penny for the transcripts.

Karyn and I talked a couple more times, but it was certainly more sporadic than before. The only time worth mentioning, was when she asked that I put up a post, informing those in Oklahoma to sign their most recent petition. It was on the old website (and now inaccessible), but I did, still hoping that I could acquire those documents.

I gave up on the entire situation, thinking that I wouldn’t go back to it. That is, until Karyn posted a picture of Charles with a letter from (I think) his sister, detailing the events prior to and leading up to his arrest, on the LUA Radio Intellectual After-Party Facebook group. I scanned it, realized it was completely worthless since there is no documentation, and then responded to her.

This is the beginning of the end of my involvement with the Charles Dyer’s circle-wagon crew.

Luckily, I took screenshots of Karyn and I’s conversation, as this is the final nail in the coffin. Within, you will see inconsistent and fallacious statements and either complete lies or proof of the disorganization within the so-called Justice for J4P community. Either way, it is not a good situation. (Note: Click here to download these images in a ZIP file.)


Screenshots of Our Conversation with Commentary


1. Karyn directs me to Janet for the umpteenth time.


2. Karyn states that the documents can be released, but she doesn’t have the money to acquire them, which is contrary to Janet’s admittance in a previous screenshot.


3. Karyn begins to talk in circles. She falls back on what Janet was told by the lawyer, right after she admitted that they can be released.


4. I bring up Rule #31 again, and point out the endless inconsistencies in her rebuttals. I take it up a notch and tell her to, “Put up, or shut up,” which as you can imagine didn’t make her very happy.


5. Karyn then states that she doesn’t have the copies because she cannot afford them. I’m almost positive she could get a copy from Janet, if she doesn’t have one already. She makes the “Operation Floodlight” argument once again, which has already been debunked. She then states that she won’t reach out to me anymore and accused me of “berating her for some legal bullshit.” She continues on to state that they asked me for help in getting the documents out (which I did; Rule #31) and to raise the money to get them. The second part is not true. We never discussed raising money to get the transcripts, I knew from the start that Janet had them. To conclude, she also accuses me of not being able to “deliver jack shit other than childish insults…” Childish insults? I merely told her that if she really loves Charles, she would give me the documents. My inability to deliver? I delivered them Rule #31, an actual legal citation, proving that they can release those documents without the fear of prosecution.

After that conversation, I was tired of communicating with Karyn and Janet. Apparently Karyn was done with me too, as she blocked me on Facebook and also ostracized me from the “support” group. Unfortunately, I’m not alone in the anger and frustration. A number of people throughout the years have also given up and their interactions with these gatekeepers are not much better than mine. The only difference would be my success in putting together the most extensive archive of his court documents to date, but again, it remains almost useless and will not help in determining his innocence or guilt.

Although, there is a moral to the story and some lessons can be taken away from it. Initially, I incorrectly assumed that Dyer was another victim of a lack of judicial transparency, but, as I discovered, it turns out that the stonewalling is coming from those who are closest to him, namely his mother and current girlfriend. It is also important to note, that without knowing what happens in the courtroom, it’s impossible for anyone to act on it. As I previously mentioned, we have the transcripts for the first two trials, which ended in mistrials. The only chance that Dyer has is for the transcripts in the conviction trial to be released, and gotten into the hands of folks like Gary Hunt.

Endless appeals and petitions to arrest corrupt judges only represent the insanity that encompasses this entire freak show. Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, and instead of releasing the conviction trial transcripts, they would rather walk around with a finger in their asses and a clipboard in their hand filled with useless petitions.

I don’t mean to sound like a pessimist, but Charles Dyer is screwed; and it’s not only by the State, or those who profited off of his imprisonment, but also by those closest to him. If he even makes it to the end of his sentence, he will be nearly 70 years old and his life will be effectively over. This isn’t the minor leagues, where you can get away with screwing around; this is real life. This is Charles’ entire life. I’d recommend Janet and Karyn put on their big girl pants, if they truly care about what happens to Charles, but I envision the cycle of insanity repeating, with no hope for Charles Dyer regaining his freedom or his reputation.


Liberty Under Attack

Liberty Under Attack

Shane is the founder of Liberty Under Attack Radio, The Vonu Podcast, and LUA Publications, an independent publishing company. He has been a guest on many podcasts and radio shows and his work has appeared on sites all over the alternative media. When he's not producing content (which isn't often), he enjoys riding four wheelers, reading, and drumming.


  1. […] After I got everything useful off of Scribd, I contacted Dyer’s current girlfriend, Karyn Hardiman, and his mother, Janet Dyer. I was able to obtain a number of documents, but was unable to obtain the 3rd trial transcript, when he was convicted. After several months of fruitless back and forth with Hardiman, Dyer, and even a short exchange with none other than Nancy Genovese, it became obvious to me that I was getting nowhere fast, so I gave up on Dyer’s case. […]
  2. James Dare
    James Dare June 01, 09:40
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author June 01, 17:45

      Oh, so you think Dyer is actually guilty? And by the way, you should go after the U.S. Observer, as they were the initial ones to print the picture and reveal the child's name. I just followed suit since it was already public years before I found out about Dyer. Here's the link:

      Laissez-faire, Shane
      • Swan
        Swan October 05, 02:00
        Shane, The Us Observer has turned out to be a total disaster! I am the person who had been trying to get US Observer hired for Charles since the summer of 2011. In May have 2012, after Charles was finally convicted, I received a phone call from an active duty soldier who was keeping up with the events that were taking place around the entire Charles Dyer saga. He offered to help both myself and Charles, and told me he had $10,000.00 he wanted to donate. $5,000.00 for Charles and $5,000.00 for me. He asked me what could be done with this money. I immediately suggested to hire the US Observer. I told him to take the $5,000.00 he was going to give to me, and put it with the other $5,000.00 to get the US Observer hired. Within 2 days I was in contact with Ed Snook, and started to work with him to get the evidence he needed to vindicate Charles. The reason why I assumed The US Osberver could help "post conviction" was from the advertisement on their web page. This is why I hired Ed Snook, US Observer: "People who are wrongly charged with crimes can hire the US~Observer to investigate their case. This does not mean the US~Observer will support a client that is shown to be guilty through a thorough investigation - in such an event; the client will be dropped immediately. Should it be determined that the client is, in fact innocent, our evidence is first given to the authorities (in a majority of cases), typically the district attorney of the case who is pursuing charges against our client. Should that DA ignore the evidence and continue pursuing the prosecution, our first step is to inform the public through the publication of an article that injustice is going on in their area. It is through the continued publication of articles that will lead to your vindication. The only thing that the enemies of justice hate is exposure! Like-wise, the only thing that corrupt individuals within government fear is that their family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and constituents will learn of their wrongdoing. In short, we use our newspaper and its supporting internet presence as a club against corrupt people and the evil they take part in."  This was NEVER done. Ed Snook has never spoken to the District Attorney. Nor has Snook performed any investigation into the public officials who were responsible for Charles  conviction. Snook has done nothing except use myself as his scape goat and blame his reason for not getting Charles released from prison on me. Snook was hired by me in May 2012, but  waited over a year before he published his one small pathetic article about Charles. During the first few weeks of working with Snook, without my knowledge, he deceitfully went to Janet Dyer and her "support group" which includes Nancy Genovese and Rick Light, and told this group that I was wasting the $10,000.00, and if Janet Dyer wanted the case to continue, she will have to pay more money. Snook received an additional $9,500.00 for the same service he was already under contract with me. Once Snook received this money, he dropped me as a client and refused to speak with me. When I tried to get ahold of him he would hang up on me and call me a "whacked out _itch."  I filed a consumer complaint about the US Observer and published a Youtube video that proves Snook only told me what I wanted to hear up until the full $10,000.00 fee was fully paid. Once paid, Snook  turned against me. In retaliation of me filing a consumer complaint, Snook has filed a frivolous law suit against me and published a total of 7 false defamatory articles about me. Snook has met with FBI agent Ken Western in Lawton, Oklahoma,  wanting the FBI to arrest me for my recorded phone conversations that I made during the nationwide armed manhunt. These phone calls I recorded expose the FBI corruption that was all over Charles Dyer's situation,  yet Ed Snook AND Janet Dyer want me to be arrested for recording the FBI? These FBI agents are the same FBI agents Snook was hired by me to expose for Charles Dyer. These are the same Feds that have been involved in the entire Charles Dyer case. The outrageous part to this is that Janet Dyer has teamed up with Ed Snook, and claims she is pleased with the ONE pathetic article that ended up costing a total $19,500.00. The only reason Janet Dyer is pleased with the US Observer is because the US Observer has joined in with her and her "support group" to spread lies and to use me as her reason why Charles was convicted. The entire situation around Janet Dyer, is for her "support group" to control and keep any genuine support from ever getting too involved, and to sustain and control the support from ever going viral. This is what also looks like happened with you too. Karen and Nancy put you on a wild goose chase until they were able to wear you down. They do not want you help expose the corruption. They only allow just enough to make them appear as if they are really helping Charles, when they are really working agaisnt him. Janet Dyer is too far gone with these people to ever have to question her own choices and trust she has given to this group.
        • Liberty Under Attack
          Liberty Under Attack Author October 05, 02:15
          Debby: Thanks for the comment and the information. At that time, I was familiar with those things going on with you and others. I'm sorry that you had to go through it. It's exactly what I got from the Stonewallers and why I gave up pursuing Charles' case after this article was published. This entire debacle just shows how important it is to put those whom you can trust in control of your case if you are ever incarcerated--what a disaster. -Shane
          • Swan
            Swan October 05, 14:46
            Exactly. Mrs. Dyer chose to trust the self proclaimed "militia" leaders, whom have been proven to be working close and connected to the FBI (such as Rick Light and Darren Wilburn) over the supporters I brought forward who are all former and active military members and who contributed more to Charles that all of her so called "support group." I have been representing myself against the US Observer since July of 2014. I have counter sued the US Observer and so far they have not been able to get all of my counter claims dismissed. The attorney representing Ed Snook, US Observer has been practicing law for 28 years and still cant get rid of me. Janet Dyer has literally teamed up with Snook and is working with him by filing false affidavits where she still accuses me of all sorts of nonsense. The outrageous behaviors of Charles Dyer's "support group" and Janet are mind blowing. What this boils down to is that Janet does not want to be wrong and she defends them because if she ever decided to stop and realize that her support group was possibly compromised, then she would have to tell Charles and admit to herself she trusted the wrong people. Janet Dyer is full of self pride and she will never be able to question her own judgment, which is at her sons expense. You would think Janet would wonder about the US Observer's actions and question why they left out of the article they published all the critical details about Charles story that make his case more interesting and shows how he really was targeted by the government. I gave tons of evidence that proves the FBI was involved along with the job the FBI offered to Charles, which would of dismissed all the false charges that were pending including the false sex abuse charges, if Charles would of agreed to infiltrate the militia communities and work under cover for 2 years. When I first brought the US Observer in, I warned Ed Snook about the “support group" and explained to him that Janet trusts this group. Snook kept telling me to not worry about it. I gave Snook a ton of recorded phone call I made, per Charles request, with the District Attorney Jason Hicks, Sheriff McKinney, Agent Pat Kennedy with the OSBI, the Prosecutor Carrie Hickson, Agent Ken Western with the FBI, along with proof from a former marine who knows Charles and who has the proof that Rick Light is on payroll with the FBI. This person has the proof that Rick Light received 3 separate payments from the FBI, while working in the Charles Dyer support group. All of this and more was given to Ed Snook, to expose the FBI. As we both know the US Observer has not published or reported on any of this. The interesting part to this story is how the Us Observer has grabbed the Schaffer Cox story and has exposed the FBI set up involved in his case, yet Snook refuses to expose the FBI involved in Dyer’s case. Snook has literally filed on court record that I am one of those “right wingers” and that I am “dangerous” because I believe the government set up Charles Dyer. Snook has stated and filed sworn affidavits into our case that I am a lunatic because I believe the government set up Charles Dyer and all the FBI claims I make are fabricated and false. Again you would wonder why Janet Dyer is helping Snook destroy and hide Charles truth about all the events that really took place involving the FBI, but Janet never says a word about it and helps Snook by publishing these false news articles that Snook has published about me, claiming Im a lunatic becuase I believe the FBI set up Charles Dyer! The Schaffer Cox story is very similar the Charles Dyer story. It would be interesting if someone wrote a story and compared Cox and Dyer and point out the pattern. Just to give you a current update, I am in the process of filing a Federal law suit agaisnt the US Observer for the recent defamatory articles that have been published the past year about me, and this next law suit I am including Janet Dyer and some of her support group as defendants. just because Janet Dyer is an elderly woman and is Charles Dyer’s mother, does not give her the right to continue to spread false rumors about me and defame me like she continues to do.
          • Liberty Under Attack
            Liberty Under Attack Author October 05, 17:48
            Debby--wow! There seems to be even more going on here than I originally thought. I wonder if it would be possible to get in contact with Charles and fill him in on the actions his mother and girlfriend are taking against those trying to help him? Best of luck in your suits and thanks for your hard work on this. After dealing with Dyer's mother and g/f for 6 months or so, I said f*** it.
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  4. […] occurred during a courtroom trial, but who’d apparently prefers to have their followers being stonewalled. Whether she be incompetent or worse, the fact of the matter is that Deb Jordan must not care for […]
  5. Swan
    Swan October 05, 14:56
    Oh I forgot to tell you, I have the transcript of day 1 of the 3rd trial if you are still interested Day one covers the jury and how the jury was chosen. I know you hate Scribd but you can download the transcript here: Its quite interesting to see how the court picked many jurors who were former LEO or had friends and families who were LEO's. Im still working to get the remaining 2 days. Its been a while since I even tried, but I have sent a email to my contact in the Oklahoma records deopartment... so let me know if you want them.
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author October 05, 17:50
      Debby--I'll take a look at it sometime today. I think the most important step for Charles is to obtain all of the days of the third trial--sounds like you're working on that, which is good. -Shane
  6. EDOGZ818
    EDOGZ818 October 07, 17:48
    @ LUA: Charles A Dyer #659682 AKA: July 4 Patriot ​Lexington Assessment & Reception Center P.O. Box 260 Lexington, OK 73051-0260 **************************************************** Telephone: (405)-527-5676 ************************** P.S. : He always needs money, just like anyone in that situation. Peace ~ EDOGZ818
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author October 10, 00:09
      EDOGZ-I'm not going to send him money, but I would like to send him a letter discussing my experiences in bringing his situation to light. Are the addresses you posted above simply for commissary purposes or are they addresses for communications too? Thanks. -Shane
      • EDOGZ818
        EDOGZ818 October 10, 02:38
        Those addresses are strictly for communication purposes. As far as not sending him any money, honestly, I didn't expect you / your type to send him a dime, anymore than Sleepy Salsa would, although I'd bet my left nut **if I were a gambling man...which I'm not** that you would want some one, everyone, to drop a little change on your debit. It could mean a stamp for legal mail or to reply to someone who wrote him.....a soup, a card to send him mom, a shank to stay safe.......but you know what, you wouldn't donate a dime.......and probably not even your time, if you didn't have some ulterior motive, etc. Be that as it may, it appears that J4 was targeted & got the shyt end of the deal, ostensibly front lining for people like YOU...*SPECIFICALLY* and to see you turn your back on him & then try to explain it..... I mean, realistically speaking, how can you explain it or even try? Back in 1917, you would have got slapped in the mouth until you were cross eyed, just for trying to explain that sucker duck move, so next time, just breeze by the topic because cash is the real level of commitment. That $20 might be 3 packs of cigs, case of beer, blast of crack rock or whatever floats their boat, but to sacrifice if for a man you believe is wrongfully convicted, for standing up for you.......would be a no brainer..........** UNLESS ** you were concerned about donation related scandals. Your boy Sleepy Salsa was running with the same snitches that were activated against the July 4 Patriot, so if you're running with Sleepy's suspect chin @$$, you either don't know or you one of them suspect chin @$$ dudes too! **That's just how I look at it**
        • Liberty Under Attack
          Liberty Under Attack Author October 10, 04:43
          EDOGZS -- I appreciate the mailing address. I will take the time and pay for the stamp to write him a letter discussing my experiences. Secondly, go fuck yourself. I spent 4 or 5 months devoted to finding out what happened to J4V and trying to get the documents from his stonewalling mother and girlfriend. After those closest to him shut me down (even though I provided them with the statute proving to them that they could send the third trial transcripts), I gave up. What the hell else was I supposed to do?!?! I pursued a lead until it died; and it died with his mother and his girlfriend. Then I moved on. Again, fuck you. You don't know me and you're making assumptions. I lose money on my pursuits in the alternative media--I don't have money to send to J4V, let alone anyone else. But, what I can do is tell him the truth about my experiences in pursuance of his case. I'm disappointed. I always heard good things about you. -Shane
  7. EDOGZ818
    EDOGZ818 October 07, 17:51
    Charles A Dyer #659682 . AKA: "July 4 Patriot" . ​Lexington Assessment & Reception Center . P.O. Box 260 . Lexington, OK 73051-0260
  8. RogueOak
    RogueOak November 06, 07:12
    Shane, His case is at the Federal level of appeals. Did you communicate with Charles? Please send a letter of support to the judge. Respectfully,
  9. […] cannot continue to stand idly by while men and women of honor are killed, imprisoned, set up, tortured, and harassed by those sworn officers for nothing more than defending their […]
  10. The DashBoard Outlaw
    The DashBoard Outlaw December 13, 17:44
    your a Blogger, with no enforcement powers, the courts and police are with enforcement powers, who do you think Janet and Karyn will be most likely to listen to and believe?
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author December 19, 01:12
      "The Dashboard Outlaw,"
      First off, I'm not a "blogger." Secondly, whether I have enforcement powers or not (thankfully, I don't) doesn't make a damn bit of difference. They don't have to believe me at all; it's right there in the law.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      • EDOGZ818
        EDOGZ818 December 19, 01:43
        Nah Shane, it's FUCK YOU, because in the end, you're getting fucked too! You tried to help J4 for a reason & got stopped, just like everyone else who tried. Why? Stonewalled? It ain't that's just made to look that way! Amateurs talk tactics, experts talk logistics. It takes money to move an army and write letters & buy soup, etc. If everyone who cared gave $1 a month or week, J4 may have the resources to continue his fight for exoneration. J4 got stabbed in the back by the people he front lined for. In regards to your exchange with Outlaw "People are going to listen to who they pay to listen too!" I covered the 3rd trial for The Hinky Meter & other media outlets, including "The OutPost Of Freedom." Your story is BS because you left out soooOOOO much. Stories inside of stories, but if you aren't interested or done helping, cool, if not, HMU if you want to get brought up to speed.
        • Liberty Under Attack
          Liberty Under Attack Author December 19, 02:03
          I find it hard to understand how "I'm getting fucked too." I'm not sitting in J4P's jail least I'm pretty sure I'm not, or the so-called "Matrix" is really fucking with the hologram.
          And yeah, I was stonewalled. It's that simple; my article shows the entire event. I was able to assist in ways that I could, and those closest to him refused to help me. It's that simple, dude.

          I did care; I spent a lot of time in that 6 or so month span doing what I could; and I was actually able to provide additional judicial transparency, beyond even what his supposed supporters could. That is, until I hit a dead-end and moved on. Its an unfortunate situation, but his situation is exactly why an arrest plan, and why choosing people who are capable and trustworthy to handle your business on the outside is important.

          As far as money, the only thing that will help with is making his time in a cage more bearable. To believe he could be exonerated is an extremely naive belief. That being the case, I'm sure he has enough supporters like you who can cover his minimal commissary expenses, not that I could afford to anyways.

          In regards to my exchange with Outlaw, your response is nonsense. A lot of people listen to me without paying a single dime. I listen to a lot of people without paying a dime. It seems as if everything comes down to money with you, not that that's a bad thing, just an observation.

          If you covered the 3rd trial, get me the 3rd trial transcript. That's all I care about and need. If that's obtained, then Charles might actually have a shot. But, then again, maybe not. I'd have to see it first.

          As far as my story, it was MY STORY; my interactions with his mother and girlfriend. It wasn't a long expose on everything that has ever happened to him. "MY STORY" is not BS; I experienced it.

          Again, get me the 3rd trial transcript and then we can talk. Until then, quit wasting my time.
          • EDOGZ818
            EDOGZ818 December 19, 04:51
            May Bad, i think I covered the 2nd trial...but it was J4's 3rd. How you getting fucked? Was / is J4 one of yours? On Outlaw: My experience has shown, when YOU pay Lawyer X to represent are going to listen to Lawyer opposed to some random off the web. YMMV I hit you with J4's address. Reach out to him directly. Time in the cage more bearable? Yeah, even if only that.....but as far as passing the buck? Well, that's your personal call....Do unto others.....applies....As far as Patriots & the Patriot / Hate-Triot this point, I doubt anything could disappoint me. Google is your hard can it be to get a trail transcript if you really want it? It's a public document, Steven County? Courthouse, Oklahoma.

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