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War is mass murder. It is the most despicable action the State partakes in and leads to millions of dead, innocent civilians, the destruction of entire civilizations and economies, and leaves many homeless, starving, and dying of disease. It is the modern day version of sacrifice to the Gods, or in this case, the State. It brings out the absolute worst in people; supposed “Christians” who preach and practice non-violence in their daily lives wish and advocate for actions that would eliminate an entire geographical portion of people. Rayo knew this and wrote about it extensively. He recognized the controlled

Spiritual Anarchy, Continued – Part 2 – The Destructive Beliefs of Government and Money Editor’s Note: The following is another guest article by John Michael Perseo, the second in a series on the subject of spiritual anarchism. In part one, he discusses the anarchist tendencies of Laura Ingalls Wilder and in this part two, he discusses two (in his view) incorrect, popularly held beliefs: 1) Government is Good and Necessary, and 2) Money Has Value and is a Positive Tool. As a free market anarchist, I asked for further verification regarding #2. When he (clearly) talks about government fiat “money”,

In this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I’m joined by Andrei Chira, a co-host on The Seeds of Liberty Podcast. His story is interesting. He immigrated from Romania at a very young age with his parents to escape the scourge of communism. Oddly enough, he adopted national socialist ideals in high school and decided to join the military post-9/11. Around that time, he found Ron Paul and became a strict Constitutionalist, only to make the leap to anarchism soon after. Now, he is pursuing a law degree with hopes of creating a private arbitration firm, in the spirit of

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we cover relatively new ground–the Bible and Natural Law. Last week, a Patron patreon posted a link to episode #92 of the UnSpun Podcast, which is titled, “Becoming the Heroes to Our Descendants – A Legacy of Natural Law.” It featured Jan Irvin, Bill Joslin, and Clint Richardson and was released on October 31st, 2017. In this episode, Jan, Clint, and Bill begin by discussing anarchism–their claim is that anarchy is lawlessness and chaos, yet they try to justify that by saying it is ACTUALLY legalism, or the use of government law

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I’m joined by Aaron Thompson, host of the Liberty Lampoon podcast, to discuss some subjects of his choosing. We discuss Armistice Day, the mass murder known as war, freedom holidays, the efficacy of educational efforts, the endless justifications statists make for abhorrent acts, the importance of culture jamming, and much more. This was a spur of the moment, off-the-cuff discussion that I found highly valuable. We sure hope you do as well! Please share this podcast around and consider financially supporting the podcast–we need YOUR help to keep this going. You can

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I’m joined once again by Jamin Biconik, a hardware hacker and permaculture farmer in Pennsylvania. We begin by getting an update on his Ghost Pad project and get into some other things he’s working on in the crypto-anarchism realm, such as mesh networking, freedom boxes, weather stations, and irrigation control. Those last two items provide a nice segue into the second portion of the episode: permaculture farming. Jamin provides us with information how to begin, the advantages of this method of gardening, the problems with monoculture farming, and even tells us a

LAURA INGALLS WILDER ON SPIRITUAL ANARCHY   Editor’s Note: The following is an article sent to me by a reader and I was so impressed with it that I decided to post it here at Liberty Under Attack. When I read Brian Doherty’s, Radicals for Capitalism [affiliate link],” I was seriously surprised to find a discussion on Laura Ingalls Wilder and the book series–I LOVED them when I was in elementary and middle school. I guess there was a little anarchy in me back then. That said, the author, John Michael Perseo, is an anarchist off-grid homesteader. It’s no surprise

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Kyle Rearden joins me to conclude this two-part series on anarchist vigilantes, assassination politics, and avenging angels. Last week, we went in depth into how anarchist vigilantes could be used to defend person and property, drive public perception of anarchism in a positive direction, and how it could be used as a way to eventually abolish the State. This week, we tie all three of these things together and attempt to answer these questions: How could an assassination market work? How could the security of the participants be ensured? Could assassination markets

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I’m joined once again by our creative consultant, Kyle Rearden. In this part 1 of a 2-part series, we discuss vigilantism; more specifically: The history of vigilantism in America The role comic books have played in its popularity How to fund a committee of vigilance or an individual vigilante How vigilantism could shift public perception of anarchist to a positive light What training is necessary for vigilantes And much, much more. Next week, we will tie it all together with a discussion on assassination politics and avenging angels, a concept promoted by

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