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How can you build pathways of knowledge and understanding with others, rather than confrontations leading to tragedies? On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I am pleased to welcome back Darrell Becker from Voluntary Visions to attempt to answer that question. We play three clips from the School Sucks Podcast: Clip 1: Brett reads Tom Woods’ daily email explaining why talking to the left is useless School Sucks Podcast #461: Speed and Politics #1 Clip 2: Brian’s response to Tom Woods cursing him for the email School Sucks Podcast #486: Empa-Thon #4 Clip 3: Tom Woods responds to Brian

Guerrilla Capitalism: How to Practice Free Enterprise In an Unfree Economy by Adam Cash DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE. If you appreciate the work put in to digitize this, please consider supporting our efforts. Donate crypto-currencies by using the buttons on the sidebar, donate via PayPal, or become a patron on Patreon. And last but not least, share this around! Digitizer’s Note  The following is Adam Cash’s Guerrilla Capitalism: How to Practice Free Enterprise In an Unfree Economy, digitized by yours truly. The book has been transcribed in the exact manner it appears in the paper copy, including any grammatical mistakes

On this Mother’s Day edition of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I am joined by Kal Molinet of Liberate RVA to discuss a wide variety of subjects. We talk about the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, the deadly ramifications of this ideology being implemented, the Students for Liberty organization, Kal’s experience confronting the communists on May Day, and more. Please enjoy, subscribe, and share this podcast around! Outro Music: The Trees by Rush Show Notes: Liberate RVA Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Students for Liberty Kal Confronting Commies on May Day

Are private cities the future? Are floating, mobile cities the next logical step in the evolution of human freedom? What role does agorism play in their formation? What are some of the challenges involved with these two potential, interrelated strategies? I set out to answer all of those questions and more in this interview with Regan Keely! Regan is a fellow contributor to The Conscious Resistance Network, as well as a blogger, poet, and videographer. She runs the website, Aethereal Self, she is a practicing agorist, and is also computer programmer/developer. Please enjoy, share, and let us know your thoughts!

You post a status on Facistbook, just as you typically do. This one is hardly different than any of others–it’s simply another one pointing out the blatant contrast between the political and economic means–in other words, the parasites vs. the producers. This couldn’t possibly land you in a jail cell, right? Through a series of unfortunate events, yes it can certainly lead to that. In this bonus episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Shane and Jason briefly summarize the events leading up to Jeremy Henggeler’s arrest and release, discuss the seemingly non-existent options available to him, and reaffirm that it

One of the main things that has always bothered me about the anarchist/libertarian community is the lack of focus on actionable solutions to find freedom now–the focus is improving, but there’s still plenty of work to be done. And, sure, the philosophy is important and I’m not discounting that, but anarchism is a radical ideology–and radical action necessarily follows. One individual who has been partaking in said radical action is Derrick Broze. Not only is he an open agorist, but he has been building local alternatives to statist institutions since he helped found the Houston Free Thinkers in 2010; some

Samuel Konkin III (SEK3) on Rayo and Vonu: Different Approaches? Originally Posted at The Vonu Podcast Author’s Note: Four articles by Samuel Konkin will be referenced in this article. Click here to view them. Get Rayo’s book for FREE in PDF/audiobook format HERE! Download this article (PDF). If you were a libertarian/anarchist in the 1960s and 70s, southern California was the place to be. This bustling community was home to many ideological figures who largely developed the theory, and practice, of modern libertarian/anarchist thought. Two gentleman, specifically Rayo (a.k.a El Rayo) and Samuel Konkin III (SEK3), also called this place

When I first became politically aware at the mere age of 18, the innocence of my past disappeared completely. My time was dominated by conspiracy theories, investigating secret societies, and trying to uncover who was trying subjugate the masses of the world behind the scenes. From that perspective, any effort but education seemed quite futile, and even then, these were the theories of “conspiracy kooks.” And, understandably, most folks didn’t give them the time of day. Desperate to find a solution to the problem that I perceived, I got involved with the highly dangerous “sovereign citizens”–these are the folks who

When we listen to podcasts we love, it’s always nice to get an insight into the lives behind those who produce the content–they may be selling a product, providing a service (such as information/education/entertainment), or whatever, but it’s always nice to find out who you’re “buying” from, even if that price is not in monetary terms. For that reason, as well as being newly minted on Truth Frequency Radio, we decided it would be nice to “interview each other” and dig into just what exactly got us to where we are today. In this episode, Jason interviews Shane–topics include what

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