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Two weeks ago, you heard part one of Darrell Becker and I’s conversation on The Philosophic Corruption of Reality and the role that played on physics beginning in the early 20th century. Last week, you heard our brief introduction to the Electric Universe (EU). This week, you will hear my interview with Wal Thornhill, a physicist from Australia and one of the leading experts on the EU theory. We discussed Immanuel Velikovsky and the influence he had on the development of the EU theory, various components of the EU, such as the electric sun, the connectedness of the universe, the

Last week, you heard part one of this series, wherein Darrell Becker and I went deeply into The Philosophic Corruption of Reality, a five-part lecture he gave, which you can listen to for FREE here, and the role that played in the development of physics, beginning in the early 20th century. This week, we provide an example of the return to classical physics that we called for–specifically, we discuss the Electric Universe theory, a theory based upon observation and experimentation, rather than mathematicians parading around as physicists. What did you think of this series? What are your thoughts on the electric

In 1929, Ayn Rand pondered, “As to physics–learn why mind and reason are so decried as impotent when coping with the universe. Isn’t there some huge mistake there?” There was definitely something wrong then and the situation hasn’t changed today–rather, it’s arguably gotten worse. In this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I am joined, once again, by Darrell Becker. As is typical when we have him on, we cover uncharted territory (at least in regards to this podcast). Specifically, this part one of two will be on The Philosophic Corruption of Physics; namely, the short history of how the

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Jason and I begin by talking about the asshole warmonger, John McCain. Then, it’s story time with Jason…specifically, he tells about his journey to northern California working on a marijuana farm years back, high up in the mountains. He walks us through the area, the crazy hippies, the cultivation process, and much, much more. Oh, yeah! And the NEW SHOW INTRO! Please share this podcast around and consider financially supporting the podcast–we need YOUR help to keep this going. You can become a patron on Patreon for exclusive content by clicking the

The following is supplemental content for next Sunday’s (10/1) episode with a returning guest, Darrell Becker. It is a 5-part, 5+ hour presentation by David Harriman, founder of The Falling Apple Science Institute. It was initially posted and put together by Richard Grove of the Peace Revolution Podcast. David’s portion starts at 1hr 20min in. Herein, David provides the history of the philosophic corruption of reality and describes exactly why modern science has gone off the rails into [Immanuel] Kantian subjectivism. If you don’t have time to listen by next Sunday, that’s okay, but we will move quickly through the

Quote of the Month (Sept. 2017): Ayn Rand on Physics The following quote by Ayn Rand will provide a fantastic and appropriate “cliffhanger” for next week’s episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio. Darrell Becker & I will attempt to answer that question by walking you through: the philosophic corruption of physics, the electric universe, scientific consensus (part 3), and much more. It is taken from Rand’s 1929, The Journal of Ayn Rand [affiliate link to purchase]. “I have to study: philosophy, higher mathematics, physics, psychology. As to physics—learn why mind and reason are so decried as impotent when coping with

Roger Ver, Free Society Foundation Plan to Found New Libertarian Country   By: Shane Radliff Sept. 21st, 2017 Download this article.   Editor’s Note: Surprisingly, I have found Roger’s presentation at the Nexus Conference. It will be embedded below the article. He clarifies a couple of points of concern I address in the article. I will notate which portions in [brackets] below the original statement. Nonetheless, Erwin S. Strauss’ concerns are still valid. Many strategies have been pursued by libertarians/anarchists over time to increase personal freedom and minimize the influence of States. One such strategy is the founding of a

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, you’ll hear my interview on Jeremiah Harding’s Moment of Rage podcast. He originally reached out to me after hearing an episode of The Vonu Podcast on food storage and invited me to come on. We began by discussing seasteading, The Marinea Project, psychological factors of living and “organizing” on the water, and then we dove deeply into prepping and survivalism–namely, things to put in your bug-out bag, considerations when choosing a bug-out location, and bugging out alone vs. with others, among other things. This was a fun conversation and I highly recommend

PIRATE BROADCASTING ON THE RISE Transcriber’s Note: The following is a short article taken from Self-Liberation Notes, August 1985, written by Jim Stumm. This was an interesting piece, as pirate radio effectively was the alternative media before the Internet, according to a quote in the article. This full publication will be available on The Vonu Podcast website soon. Please enjoy. In the US & countries around the world, 100s of people are operating unlicensed radio stations. Although this phenomena has been occurring for 30 years, it has recently become an enforcement nightmare for the Federal Communications Commission. Faced with severe

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