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Author’s Note: The following is an article I wrote for Ocean Living Magazine, the publication for The Marinea Project, where I am currently serving as their communications specialist. Click here for the full list of archives for The Marinea Podcast. Please enjoy! Seasteading Case Studies: Learning from the Failed Attempts of the Past By: Shane Radliff For thousands of years, land has provided human beings the optimal headquarters for living. Resources were aplenty, large amounts of “real estate” were available for homesteading, and individuals could develop it as they saw fit. That is, until two important things happened. One, being

Two episodes ago, I was joined by Kyle Rearden to discuss the fact that there is no such thing as “private property” in land ownership here in the USSA–nor was there ever. That said, I have been digitizing VONULIFE, March 1973 and Rayo has an article in there titled, “Ethical Land Use.” Kyle and I thought this would be a great follow-up to our last discussion and may shed some more light on Rayo’s views regarding private property. Please check out the article in its entirety (see below) and refrain from judgement until listening to the episode in full. Show

Technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, governments utilize it to facilitate the most nefarious invasions of privacy and security; on the other, open source technologies provide a great way to fight back against Leviathan. On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I’m joined by Jamin Biconik, a “hardware hacker,” permaculture farmer, and agorist. Jamin is the developer of the Ghostpad privacy-oriented machines, Neuron, his custom Linux-based operating system, and a number of other projects. Herein, he tells us all about the invasions of privacy and security by States and their corporate cohorts, how he makes and designs

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack, we welcome back our LUA creative consultant, Kyle Rearden, in an attempt to answer this question: is there such a thing as “private” land ownership in Amerika? We provide you with a brief historical overview of the development of private property ethics in the West, define and explain the significance of fee simple and allodial title, examine the ramifications that stem from the answer to the above question, and much more. “Don’t try to substitute ‘legal’ ownership for physical invulnerability. Land you ‘own’ is not truly yours. The State will try to tell

It would behoove me to first say that the identifier “sovereign citizen” is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms, if you will. A “sovereign” is above all else; a “citizen” is “a legally recognized subject of a state,” thereby subordinate to a larger body. Although, we will use that identifier throughout this episode, simply due to its notoriety and for purposes of clarity, because the tactics pursued by folks with ‘different’ labels (i.e. American State National, Freemen-on-the-land, etc.) are almost identical. That said, in the past few months, I’ve witnessed a growing number of anarchists adopting and promoting falsehoods such as the

This past week, I obtained a copy of VONULIFE, March 1973. It is chockful of new articles by Rayo as well as additional, highly valuable vonu content. I begin by telling you a bit about the publication and then leave you with a spoken discourse (i.e. audio version) of one of Rayo’s NEW (to “us”) articles titled, 16 “Ways to Live Freer,” A Critical Evaluation. Please keep a lookout for the full digitized publication, which will be available soon in audiobook and PDF format. Show Notes: Read the aforementioned article

This past week, I received an original copy of VONULIFE, March 1973. It is an 80,000+ word issue of the publication and is full of new articles by Rayo. It also provides “us” with an actual idea of the discussions that were had in it. I’ve been hyping this for over a week, so I figured I’d leave ya’ll with a teaser of what to expect. Any errors in the transcription are solely those of your humble transcriptionist. The digitization process should be completed soon. 16 “Ways to Live Freer,” A Critical Evaluation by Rayo Here are brief critiques of

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Jason and Shane discuss their Anarchy Day weekend shenanigans, analyze the contradictions and hypocrisy of those within the statist-servile society, and ponder why most folks refuse to take responsibility for their freedom, and rather put it in the hands of those who falsely imagine themselves to be “our” rulers. In the second segment, Shane informs you about his new plan towards financial freedom, which includes freelancing and entrepreneurship. Please enjoy and share!

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Jason and I begin by providing you with our post-Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest Wrap-Up. In the second part of the show, you will catch my interview with Nick Hazelton that was recorded live at the fest. We talk about Nick’s recent decision to move out of his parents house into a camper down by the river, the importance of being close to nature, and much more. Please enjoy and share it around! Show Notes: Yakkin’ with Nick

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