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On this episode of Liberty Under Attack, we welcome back Jaime Sherman, the founder of the Voluntaryist Comic Books, to discuss Voluntaryist Origins, the newest installment of the series. He fills us in on how Captain Voluntaryist came to the philosophy, how culture jamming furthers the cause of freedom, and what we can expect in the future. We conclude by discussing his next project, namely taking down the public schools. Please enjoy the discussion, contribute to the IndieGoGo campaign, and share this podcast far and wide! Show Notes: First Interview with Jaime Voluntaryist Origins IndieGoGo Campaign Volcomic (The Main Website)

On this edition of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Jason and Shane catch-up and discuss a better version of Uber and Lyft called LibreTaxi. LibreTaxi is not only the more privacy friendly option, but it can also be a route to passive income and/or black/grey market trading, not to mention the advantages you could see as a consumer (i.e. passenger)! All it takes now is adoption. Please enjoy and share! Show Notes: LibreTaxi

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack, I am once again joined by our creative consultant, Kyle Rearden. The foundation of this episode is George H. Smith’s article titled Can Abolitionists Vote or Take Office Under the United States Constitution? It is part of an ongoing series, wherein Smith discusses the abolitionist movement and their arguments against political action. That said, it was just the foundation–this episode was completely free-flow, other than the few excerpts read out of the article, and it honestly did go all over the place; more on that in the introduction to the episode. Topics discussed

3/3/2017 UPDATE: Cash Newmann was kind of enough to put his audio jiu-jistu on a good audiobook to make it a great one. The player and download links have been updated to reflect that. The following is an audiobook production of Ben Stone’s Sedition, Subversion, and Sabotage, Field Manual No.1: A Three Part Solution to the State, produced and narrated in part by Liberty Under Attack Publications. Below, you will find the players necessary to listen on this website, as well as download links to the audiobook. In the near future, it will be available as a podcast RSS feed,

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack, I am joined by our creative consultant, Kyle Rearden. Herein, we further try to understand what the hell this so-called “Deep State” is, why it’s all of a sudden such a hot topic of discussion, the influence of the news cycle on the alternative media, and some major issues with folks discussing and propagating this “State within a State”–namely, the lack of even an operational definition. I also read some emails from folks who are “experts” on the subject, which, unfortunately, don’t help us out too much. This will be an ongoing series,

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack, I am joined by Aaron Thompson, one of the hosts on the Liberty Lampoon podcast. Herein, we discuss the role culture jamming plays in pushing freedom forward, the insanity that has taken place over the past year or so, anarchists abandoning their principles, the futility of the left/right paradigm, and the so-called “Deep State,” among other things. Show Notes: Liberty Lampoon My Interview on Liberty Lampoon Outro Song: Corpus Imperium by Molotov Solution

On this episode, Jason and Shane close out their discussion on another anarchic school of thought known as “National Anarchism,” formulated by a gentleman named Troy Southgate. Herein, we cover parts 6-10 of their manifesto and provide our concluding thoughts. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media pages! Please enjoy and consider sharing!   Show Notes: About Troy Southgate (Old Wikipedia page before it was significantly altered) National Anarchist Manifesto (Downloadable PDF) National Anarchist Website

Cancelling The Voter Registration: Success in Virginia! Nothing makes my day more than seeing a fellow freedom seeker completely opt-out of political crusading; that is, by cutting the nasty little tie to the State known as the voter registration. Earlier this afternoon, I received the redacted proof of success from a gentleman residing in the great tax farm of Virginia. That makes six states total and surely more to come. Thank you for your service, Carl. You can click here to snag the PDF copy or you can view it below. If you are interested in pursuing this method of

It’s been two years and a couple of hours since the first broadcast of Liberty Under Attack concluded…that’s something worth talking about. In this short, supplemental special, Shane runs through the past two years and reflects upon the journey thus far.

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