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On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I welcome back Robert Bruce, founder of Region X Radio. Robert tells us about his new radio venture and fills us in on what he’s been researching. Subjects of discussion include: the many problems within the modern “truther” movement, the lack of critical thinking in mainstream society, and the non-understanding of history. I also get his thoughts on Mark Passio’s work and his most recommended books. Buy #agora in Kindle or paperback: Intro Music: Icons by They Dwell Beneath The Temples (featuring Bill Cooper) Outro Music: The Fork in the Road

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I’m joined by the founder of BadMirror.TV, Sevan Chorluyan. He tells us all about the project, its goals, specific use cases, how it can be a great tool for van nomads, and more. Check out BadMirror.TV and mirror your own content there! Please enjoy this conversation, share the podcast around, and consider financially supporting the podcast–we need YOUR help to keep this going. You can become a patron on Patreon for exclusive content by clicking the image below. You can also donate crypto-currencies by clicking here.

Paul Rosenberg knows a lot about a lot of things. He’s the proprietor of Crypto-Hippie, a terrific VPN service, a long-time crypto-anarchist, and the owner of Freeman’s Perspective, a terrific website and regular email newsletter. This podcast is sponsored by BadMirror.TV, a great tool for building Second Realms, vonu minicultures, agoras, etc.! But Paul’s knowledge goes far beyond just anarchism, cryptography, and technology — he’s a Renaissance Man, specializing in history, philosophy, economics, religion and more. In this in-person, video interview, we cover his take on Christianity, Jesus being an anarchist, the Bible being Natural Law, and also his contentions with modern

In this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Kyle Rearden and I conclude our Building The Second Realm series, at least for now. We begin with an overview and introduction to the terrific crypto-agorist/Second Realm novella, #agora, and provide you with our concluding thoughts. As Smuggler and XYZ wrote, “Our strategy for liberty is the creation of a culture of liberty, a society that occupies its own protected space and implements independent systems of cooperation. We need to create a Second Realm.” Won’t you join us? Please enjoy this conversation, share the podcast around, and consider financially supporting the podcast–we

Last week, we covered the action portion of Smuggler and XYZ’s book, Second Realm: Book on Strategy. If you caught the episode, you clearly heard the many issues we had with the list they put forth; but, nonetheless, they laid the framework and gave us something to build off of. On today’s show, Kyle and I read/discuss our redux version of the article. We tell you what changes we made and why. You may also get to hear a few rants by Kyle too. Let’s continue talking solutions! Please enjoy this conversation, share the podcast around, and consider financially supporting

Building The Second Realm: Next Steps (Redux) Author’s Note: To read the original list, please check out Second Realm: Book on Strategy by Smuggler and XYZ. If you’d like to hear our podcasts on the subject, check out #14 and #15. The following is a redux version of the “Next Steps” portion of Smuggler and XYZ’s book, Second Realm: Book on Strategy. Overall, the book is fantastic but we both felt this section was severely lacking in quality. Some of these recommendations were redundant, many were badly worded, a couple were later on in the list when they should be

It is our goal that this series convinced you of the efficacy in pursuing this freedom strategy and motivates you to begin building these free, autonomous zones. If we were successful in our mission, you may be asking, “This sounds great guys, but what the hell am I supposed to do?” Well, in Second Realm: Book on Strategy, Smuggler and XYZ offer a list of 15 potential action items; it’s a good start, but unfortunately, it leaves a lot to be desired, especially when considering how incredible the rest of the book is. Kyle and I will be updating and

Technology is a double-edged sword; it can be used to build and maintain physical/digital Second Realms in pursuance of freedom and autonomy, but it can also be a dangerous tool in the hands of tyrants. Thankfully, crypto-anarchists are far better at technology than your average government agent, which puts us Second Realmers at a huge advantage. Herein, Kyle Rearden and I cover The Blessings of Technology section from Smuggler and XYZ’s book, Second Realm: Book on Strategy. More specifically, we discuss their proposals of anonymized remote controlled access points, anonymized remote controlled defense systems, the role and importance of anonymous

In the near future, freedom pioneers and freedom seekers will have protected temporary autonomous zones to exercise their autonomy to the fullest, without the risk or threat of First Realm/bludgie intervention (some of these exist today, actually). Having these Second Realms will be a giant leap forward for the cause of personal autonomy and freedom, but it’s important to not become complacent: Even if “we” are living free, the First Realm is still out there and is sternly against the existence of “our” free enclaves. Therefore, it’s crucially important to have strategies to minimize risk and personal harm if any

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