September 14, 2015
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LUA Radio 7.19.15: An Illusive Phantom of Hope – A Critique of Reformism


On tonight’s broadcast of Liberty Under Attack radio, we are joined by Kyle Rearden from the Last Bastille blog, to discuss his recently completed anthology and audiobook titled, “An Illusive Phantom of Hope: A Critique of Reformism.” Both of those are available exclusively at LUA (links will be below).

Dissidents and activists have been stuck in bad habits for quite a long time. Those bad “habits” include: voting, jury nullification, protesting, debating, running for public office, and more. These bad “habits” have been proven to be ineffective and a waste of our precious time, money, and efforts in our attempts at restoring our Liberty.

Since the political means are complete failures, that leaves us with the economic means—the only remaining method to regain our Liberty.

In this broadcast, we go through each individual aspect of reformism and provide a brief explanation of why it is ineffective and a detriment to Liberty, as well as provide viable solutions that are paramount in restoring said Liberty.

The link to Kyle’s anthology:

The link to the audiobook:

Visit Kyle’s blog:

Liberty Under Attack

Liberty Under Attack

Shane is the founder of Liberty Under Attack Radio, The Vonu Podcast, and LUA Publications, an independent publishing company. He has been a guest on many podcasts and radio shows and his work has appeared on sites all over the alternative media. When he's not producing content (which isn't often), he enjoys riding four wheelers, reading, and drumming.


  1. […] the message of liberty, as it were, is not supposed to be funneled through so-called “political activism,” which is all about prostrating yourself before those who falsely imagine themselves to be your […]
  2. […] Most controversial about vonu, perhaps, lies in its critique about modern political “activism.” Controlled schizophrenia is a form of experiencing Stockholm Syndrome with the State; collective-movementism is simply controlled schizophrenia on a larger scale. Political crusaders are the worst collective-movementists because as authoritarians they declare that their strategy (reformism) is the only path to liberty since it’s so “practical,” when the truth of the matter is that political crusading is itself the most highly impractical of all known strategies when examined closely. […]

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