April 30, 2016
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Fake Judges: How & Why Sovereign Citizens are Undermining Patriot Groups

This is an article is mirrored from The Last Bastille blog. All credit goes to the author.

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By: Kyle Rearden

April 3rd, 2016

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“Stay away from the Freeman-on-the-Land and the sovereignty theories, they don’t work…and your ‘guru’ is not doing it himself…it’s all talk, it’s all theory, it’s all wishful thinking, and your ‘guru’ is going to get you in trouble…I’m sorry that you fell for it. I hope you haven’t put it to the test and found out for yourself. I hope you haven’t had to discover that it doesn’t work and end up in prison…I’m not quite sure who you think is succeeding with this stuff…I’m sorry that you think people are enforcing claims, trust indentures, UCC-1s, and liens. I’m sorry that you think that, but it’s not happening in reality.”

Ben Lowry


“Sovereign” citizens, briefly defined, are political dissidents whose misunderstanding of the government’s own laws entices them into believing that they can reign in Leviathan with nothing more that declaring themselves legally immune from governmental coercion. Their methods of using “fee schedules,” filing liens, and “Accepted for Value” have not been proven efficacious at all, thereby not satisfying Hitchens’ razor. Similarly, their rhetoric about the Title 4 flag, the Uniform Commercial Code, and the “corporate UNITED STATES” is simply nothing more than mere patriot mythology.

Despite this, the “sovereigns” have wormed back into the news cycle as well as the American patriot movement. In 2010, Tim Turner became President of the “Republic of the united States of America” (perhaps thinking that meant he was President of the United States), at least until he was indicted, convicted, and lost on appeal his case involving a variety of criminal violations between 2012 – 2014. On January 30th of 2015, the RuSA hijacked the simulcast of William Wolf’s lecture about Committees of Safety by claiming to the other simulcasters that only their live feed was stable enough to support all the out-of-state listeners; this subsequently gave the false impression that Committees of Safety are a “sovereign” citizen thing.

Throughout 2015, the “sovereigns” appear to be declaring themselves to be fake judges. Anna von Reitz declared herself an “Alaska State Superior Court Judge” in her Declaration of Judgeship on April 28th; Bruce Doucette, on May 23rd, signed his Oath for Constitutional Superior Court Judge, and Gary Darby signed his “oath of office” on August 24th. Last time I checked, it was statutorily illegal to impersonate a government agent, pursuant to Title 18 United States Code § 912 & Texas Penal Code § 37.11.

As you may remember, Bruce Doucette was the very same individual who worked alongside Rodger Marsh in order to sucker those Coloradan off-grid homesteaders into becoming “sovereign” citizens. Doucette swore in his “judgeship” a mere five months before the “Meet the Judge” event in Costilla County; similarly, Darby swore in his “judgeship” a mere six months before he made the now infamous phone call to that provost marshal, which was rightfully mocked once it became apparent that Darby wanted to sic the military against the Federal Bureau of Investigation during their operations in Harney County, Oregon. Unfortunately, “judge” Darby gave an interview to none other than vlogger Professor Doom, who gave such an air of credibility to Darby that another vlogger, Montagraph, rightfully schooled the “professor” for his tolerance of Darby’s nonsense.

The fact of the matter is that the “sovereign” citizens have been attempting to twist the Committee of Safety model to their own ends. It didn’t stop with just RuSA hijacking Wolf’s lecture, for Chris Briels and Duane Schrock of the Harney County Committee of Safety signed off on a document that was dated January 31st, which asserted that the FBI worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and as such, the Harney County Committee of Safety required the assistance of the provost marshal immediately to stop them. On a follow-up document that is dated February 5th, Darby wrote:


“Major: This letter was originally expected to be signed off by the Harney County Safety Committee and the Common Law Grand Jury…unfortunately, this was not possible because the invaders of Harney County are looking for them. These Americans are now deeply concerned of a reprisal against them both collectively and individually just for being part of a Constitutional Grand Jury. It is a fact, and it has been ‘Confirmed’ that the members of the Common Law Grand Jury and the Safety Committee of Harney County have been split up and placed in protective hiding in multiple locations because they are afraid of the FBI and likely BlackWater merceraries [sp] who are currently searching for these people.”


I sincerely doubt Briels and Schrock, or any of their fellow committeemen, were ever in hiding from anybody, especially considering that such a “fact” has never independently verified, to my knowledge. Nevertheless, the guilt by association of the Harney County Committee of Safety with a “citizens’ grand jury” is what Darby made here, and this is critical for understanding Doucette’s role in undermining the SLV Just Us group.

Simply put, Bruce Doucette’s purpose for his “Meet the Judge” event was the establishment of a “citizens’ grand jury,” who appeared to have issued a writ of mandamus on January 8th of 2016 “indicting” eight Costilla County government agents for “feloniously embezzling public funds.” On January 12th, Doucette convened a similar “citizens’ grand jury” in Harney County, for presumably the same ends. Why would a “sovereign” citizen bother setting up such a franchise in the first place?

Infinite Source Broadcast Network and Bards Logic Political Talk conducted roundtable-styled “interviews” with Bruce Doucette earlier this year. On January 26th and January 27th, Doucette admitted that he wanted to convene “Seventh Amendment courts;” this is a rather odd project, because the Seventh Amendment only “guarantees” the right to a jury trial in civil cases. He also admitted that he has established “superior court grand juries” in Colorado, Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii; additionally, he said that he personally “trains” new “superior court judges.” On February 13th, Doucette claimed that he has had 17 years of experience in “restoring” the common law courts, and that the “Continental uNited States of America” (CuSA) has 15 – 20 “judges” and 15 – 20 “common law juries” right now in operation.

Interestingly enough, the National Liberty Alliance (NLA) was mentioned during two of Doucette’s interviews. In one, he said that CuSA has nothing to do with them, and in another, he said that John Daresh and the NLA are controlled opposition. According to an NLA document that is dated February 22nd, it says:


“Government agent provocateurs have been fueling a quasi-shadow government movement that essentially advocates the overthrow of the government. People in this movement, led by de facto Judge Anna Von Reitz, de facto Bruce Doucette and de facto god-graced Administrator Joaquin Folch, who have taken on these self-appointed titles, are duping people from the liberty movements looking for a solution to the subversion within our government who, being ignorant of the law, fall pretty to the Pied Pipers. Many who are following these de facto judges, actually believe them to be properly elected or appointed.”


This initially appears to jive more in line with what some of the off-grid homesteaders experienced with Operation Patriot Rally Point, yet, the only thing I am certain of at this point is that the NLA and the CuSA are at odds with each other, for whatever reason. Contrary to the old adage, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.

Fake judges appear to be the latest trend amongst these “sovereign” citizen demagogues, yet, when was the last time “sovereign” citizens went on a political fieldtrip? Have any one of them ever served on an actual government jury? Did they cancel their voter registration, or at the very least, reclaim their unclaimed property?

No, of course not, because that’s not the point, is it? Not only are “sovereign” citizens incompetent when it comes to legal opportunism (aka, “lawfare”), but they desire to proselytize falsehoods about “corporate governments” instead of the horrific truth that are the administrative agencies, which are the fourth branch of government. Instead of correcting economic illiteracy, as libertarians do, “sovereign” citizens seek to promote misinformation about the government’s laws.

What can be done, if anything, about these “sovereign” citizens? Unlike the federal government and their corporate “partners,” I know that false accusations of “paper terrorism” are unfair and unwarranted, especially in light of what terrorism legally means. Rather than entertaining reformism as an alternative to the “sovereigns,” I suggest the judicious use of vetting and ostracism in order to keep patriot groups as free as possible from the distracting influence of these useful idiots.

Like I’ve said before, skepticism is healthy. Blindly accepting the latest pabulum inspires the creation of satirical parodies just as a response to the utter lunacy swirling around us. Sadly, those who falsely imagine themselves to be “awake” prefer to think that “organizing” people necessarily involves counter-productive bickering, usually on Fascistbook. I’ll leave you with this observation made by Stefan Molyneux:

“It is our willingness to attack each other, it is our willingness to attack each other, it is our willingness to attach each other, that allows the hierarchy to continue; the State is not in Washington, the State is not in Moscow, the State is not in Tehran, the State is not in London; the State is in the defensive savagery of your fellow citizen who will emotionally abuse you, attack you, reject you, and ostracize you for pointing out the basic truths of our environment. To see the farm is to leave the farm; the farm is the willingness of your fellow slaves to attack you for pointing out the truth. You simply, if you want to be free (in my experience and opinion), you simply stop associating with people who will attack you for pointing out the basic moral, economic, and practical realities of our situation, of our life; the State survives, the State flourishes, the State exists ONLY because slaves praise it and attack fellow slaves for questioning its moral foundation.”

Liberty Under Attack

Liberty Under Attack

Shane is the founder of Liberty Under Attack Radio, The Vonu Podcast, and LUA Publications, an independent publishing company. He has been a guest on many podcasts and radio shows and his work has appeared on sites all over the alternative media. When he's not producing content (which isn't often), he enjoys riding four wheelers, reading, and drumming.


  1. donnn
    donnn May 07, 00:07
    I'll see you ignorant educated idiots in the fema camps.
  2. Patriot58
    Patriot58 May 07, 06:48
    Agent provocatuer.... Soveriegn = god ( small " g " ) Citizen = " subject or slave " How can one be a god and a subject at the same time ?. " Soveriegn Citizen is an oxymoron . I can only assume you are an agent of the government whose only job is to disrupt, cause dissent and doubt with anyone involved in the movement to restore our inheritance of Common Law. I have been involved with this for over 5 years and yes I actually know intimately individuals you have mentioned . My advise is go find the rock you crawled out from under and stay there. Your days as an agent provocatuer are numbered. We re not stupid or afraid and our numbers are growing . John Darash, aka John Videurek and you will go down as the agents of disinformation and egotists you clearly are. You hve no desire to fix anything but your position in the NWO as spies .
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author May 07, 17:37
      Patriot, Since you seem to know something about “sovereign citizenship”, would you be kind enough to answer the questions that are towards the end of another article at the following link? http://www.tinyurl.com/onlyonpaper. Laissez-faire, Shane
  3. Paul Hanson
    Paul Hanson May 07, 15:10
    I understand what you wrote. I understand why you wrote what you wrote. You just stopped short in one small spot. "Judges" Anna and Bruce, as new members, compelled a group their direction of Judgeship's, Bills of Exchange, and Commercial Liens. During this process one of the Judges and founding members was arrested, and his wife, in the performance of these processes. This is where the NLA separates from most other liberty groups. These groups bring a new gospel when they hear one that attracts the people, then preach it out like that proverbial Pied Piper, but mix in the poison of that fiction and this can only be considered deliberate when it is repeated with each group they infiltrate. This is not the first time, and likely not the last, as they usually hit those that are most desperate.
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author May 07, 17:36
      Paul, Thank you for your feedback. If you have any source citations, please share them (shane@libertyunderattack.com). Perhaps, they could serve as the basis for a follow-up article. Laissez-faire, Shane
  4. freedom
    freedom May 07, 15:28
    "sovereign citizen" is that like "mandatory volunteering" ? Got any more logical, well thought out phrases?
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author May 07, 17:35
      Goatman, In the article, there is a reason why there are quotation marks around "sovereign citizen"--that's not his term, that's just the way they are described. And yes, you are correct, the term "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron. Laissez-faire, Shane
  5. bobalinks
    bobalinks May 07, 16:30
    If this so called "grass roots / Common Law Grand Jury" movement is, in fact, in error and trying to usurp and overthrow the "REAL" judicial system(s), courts, and Judge / D.A. controlled Grand Juries, and Federal Government, then, PLEASE TELL ME WHY.......INSTEAD OF "POO-POOING" THE MOVEMENT, and invoking the old adage of, "well, Darlin...ya just have to consider the source", WHY ARE THE Kyle Reardons, Ben Lowerys, and other "soothsayers" SO PARANOID AND DESPERATELY "FEARFUL" OF THIS "INNOCUOUS AND SUPPOSEDLY INVALID THREAT"??? County Judges, County Commissioners, City Fathers, Assemblymen, and a host of other "persons of authority"........are LITERALLY RUNNING SCARED and SWEATING BULLETS as this seemingly "harmless" movement "spreads it's tentacles into the very fabric of apparently "lawful" judicial practices of the upper and lower Courts, State Bar, and legal Code of Ethics ! To the layman, it seems utterly preposterous that a few Superior Judges with a moral and just cause, a keen sense of propriety, and an unfaltering love for the original Constitution, Magna Carta, and Bill of Rights, would STRIKE FEAR into supposedly fearless Judges, stoic Attorneys, and stalwart Commissioners, unless.........UNLESS THERE WAS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY FLAWED WITH THE CURRENT SYSTEM(S), and in turn.....something, most assuredly, FLAWED WITH THEY....THEMSELVES !!!
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author May 07, 17:34
      Bob, Since you seem to know something about "sovereign citizenship", would you be kind enough to answer the questions that are towards the end of another article at the following link? www.tinyurl.com/onlyonpaper. Laissez-faire, Shane
    • Madea
      Madea February 28, 09:06
      Good points
  6. joseph
    joseph May 08, 14:56
    What a lot of bull. It is fact that everything we know is fiction and designed to exploit everyone. Are you blind not to see this and do you condone what is going on. Whatever sovereigns do, there is legitimacy to it. How do you explain poverty and the endless so called wars and who declared these wars? Definitely not the normal person on the street. All we want is to be left alone and not be fed with lies all the time. Why must I pay to make a living and benefit from things naturally given to me and suffer from "Laws" created to control? I successfully fought 10 incidents where corporations attempted to defraud me and won all ten. How then is the processes not working? The trick is to use both the laws designed to oppress and common law provisions to escape the rat race. I answer only to God.
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author May 09, 02:18
      Joseph, You unsuccessfully refute any arguments made in Kyle's article. Calling out a fallacious "movement" doesn't entail "blindness" or any sort of "condoning" to what is going on. If you took five minutes to look over mine or Kyle's website, you would know that; but, I guess being intellectually dishonest and jumping to assumptions is what you would rather do. That, and I'm not sure how Kyle's pointing out fake judges and the issues involved with the "sovereign citizens", even has to do with "wars". That, my sir, is a logical fallacy; more specifically, a red herring. Lastly, you obviously didn't read this article, or any of Kyle's other articles (that, from your comments, you would surely agree with some). Give us the same respect you would expect in return. This isn't really that complicated. -Shane
  7. Michael C. School
    Michael C. School May 08, 16:55
    If you are going to attach my name or photo to anything, i would suggest you do more research before you lump me in a category. At least have the decency to share my website. http://citizensactionnetworks.com/
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author May 09, 02:09
      I don't know who the hell you are, though I have heard of your website. I didn't write this, as denoted in the article.
  8. pauljamnes
    pauljamnes July 19, 00:29
    Utter garbage article and moronic opening quote from guitarist that kicked tires. Just because he got nowhere does not mean the facts and theories are not correct - it DOES mean we are dealing with absolute criminal psychopaths running this entire enslaved nation, including foreign courts and what people think is government - The article is 180 degrees wrong and full of false arguments. Just because people are following the letter of the law under our organic law does not mean they are wrong or false - it just means the system that usurped this nation unlawfully and illegally does not want to recognize the real people on the land because as soon as they do the real imposters - The foreign BAR attorneys will be arrested by morning as Bush once said. This article is obtuse and clearly written to confuse people by someone that knows nothing about what they are writing about and perhaps much worse. Who ever wrote this does not give a fuck about liberty, America or the truth - Stay a million miles away from this useful idiot and those who want you to believe that the CROWN - Corporate BAR attorney's of the CROWN Middle Temple foisting Americans in to foreign courts are lawfully practicing foreign rules and codes over the fifty Free and Independent states! They are not - they are engaged in sedition and treason to the organic Republic! This nation WAS NEVER CREATED AS A DEMOCRACY ran by the CROWN BAR! Why don' t we kill this entire bullshit article with the BAR's own private codes: So - the entire de facto system (DC UNITED STATES INC c. 1871 - not the organic The united states of America c. 1776) is foisting the American people under FOREIGN RULES AND CODES Masquerading as LAW on the basis that people are "In this state" - " in the state". Now - the entire statutes of each DE FACTO STATE - which are not the physical states for they are merely CORPORATIONS (look up Buck Act) are in fact one flowing statute according to the Supreme court so where you see or here a de facto actors SAY: "in the state" " in this state" - then know The fifty Free and Independent Nation states (independent Countries) are not “in this state” “in the state”! REASON - DC US INC via the act of 1871 is a corporation that only ever had jurisdiction of 10 miles sq of DC (Originally 100 now 68.3). It NEVER had jurisdiction over the 50 Free and Independent states of the people on them so it incorporated all of the above and move the STATE OF _____________ franchises and the people's legal franchise to DC. The rest you will need to go research! All De facto STATE Actors including law enforcement want you to agree that you are in "this state" "the state" ... i.e. in their FOREIGN jurisdiction (DC and sub corps - see BUCK Act)... if you did not know CALIFORNIA (INC) is not physical California then you would probably agree you were rights...... well one does not equal the other - do not take my name for it! Focus on the word EXTERIOR below! You are the only one that can put yourself in their FOREIGN jurisdiction by your agreement to be something you are not! Remember - everything you have been told is a lie to manipulate and use your labor for benefit of foreign parasite entities all organized under the Corp of London (CROWN) – Vatican system! Clarification on the word ‘include’ is necessary to realize the true jurisdiction. When includes is used it excludes things not listed that are of a different definition. It "includes" "territories" within the state boundaries. If it included the entire state, why would they even need the distinction? Definitions by corporate Federal “State” for “in the state”, “in this state”, “in the state”, “within this state” and “this state” CALIFORNIA (CCA) located in: “In this state”, Aircraft assessment and taxation, Revenue and Taxation Code §5304 Beverage containers, Health and Safety Code §113200 Cigarette tax, Revenue and Taxation Code §30013 Corporate Securities Law of 1968, Corporations Code §25008 Diesel fuel tax, Revenue and Taxation Code §60017 Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Law, Revenue and Taxation Code §41005 Energy resources surcharge, Revenue and Taxation Code §40006 Fractional interests, local agency obligations, Government Code §5950(b) Hazardous Substances Tax Law, Revenue and Taxation Code §43009 Integrated waste management fees, Revenue and Taxation Code §45008 Motor vehicle fuel license tax, Revenue and Taxation Code §7309 Private railroad car tax, Revenue and Taxation Code §11205 Residential mortgage lenders, Finance Code §50003 Sales and use tax, Revenue and Taxation Code §6017 Taxation, Revenue and Taxation Code §130(f) Use fuel tax, Revenue and Taxation Code §8609 Revenue and Taxation §130(f) "In this state" means within the exterior limits of the State of California, and includes all territory within these limits owned by, or ceded to, the United States of America. Revenue and Taxation §6017. "In this State" or "in the State" means within the exterior limits of the State of California and includes all territory within these limits owned by or ceded to the United States of America. Unlearn people - http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/category/b-a-r/
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author July 19, 00:38
      Paul James, I've passed your comment along to the author.

    • Kyle
      Kyle July 19, 11:05
      Paul, you seem to think that the United States federal government is a corporation; this idea has already been debunked at length, and it is known as the corporate UNITED STATES myth. For more information, please listen to the Patriot Mythology series I did with Gary Hunt where the two of us examined each of the source documents that disingenuous activists use to trick people into believing this nonsense: http://www.libertyunderattack.com/patriot-mythology-a-five-part-series/ I would appreciate it if you would be kind enough to answer the questions I listed as bulletpoints towards the end of my Only on Paper article: http://www.tinyurl.com/onlyonpaper
  9. jim
    jim February 28, 20:57
    It appears the author is very uneducated at law. Sovereign Citizen? Sic what is that a made up word? If we are all fake judges according to this opinion. What and who gives a corporation or a private banker the right to be a judge? Nothing. Says it does not work in this article, well I have not been abducted anymore and I most definitely am my own judge and I do not allow a BAR Association to use commerce to use me as their property for I am not a slave that is prohibited world wide. This article is more fake news for fake citizens.
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author February 28, 22:34
      The author, Kyle Rearden, is definitely aware that the label "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron. As per the rest of your comment, it doesn't make any sense at all and is largely irrelevant in the context of the article. The difference between me "being my own judge" is far different than what Kyle is discussing in this article, and if you're unable to grasp that, then there isn't much point of us exchanging comments.
  10. frankibstien
    frankibstien August 24, 08:53
    Thank you! Looks like I've some good insight information on these "fake judges. Maria Rensel so-called Common Law classes is (Thursday) at Denney's She has been using the elderly that have no facebook or internet connection, I'm the only in the group that questions her says we are slaves and she's 'sovereign' She's a fraud....Sincerely, Frank Turney Fairbanks, Alaska
    • Liberty Under Attack
      Liberty Under Attack Author August 24, 10:17
      Thanks for checking out the article and for the feedback.

      It's unfortunate to hear that she's preying on old folks without access to this information. Unfortunately, a lot of folks in the "sovereign citizen" movement are scam artists, so I would beware of her.

      Nonetheless, I hope Kyle's piece provided you with some argumentative ammunition for you to use if you decide to go to her event.

      Thanks again,

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