June 4, 2016
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Chronology of My Adventures in Illinois Law Series

Just as I did earlier today with my Adventures in Illinois Higher Education series, I have decided to list this entire series here for easy access. At current, there are 14 editions and it is complete, barring that I don’t get called for Jury Duty twice in one year, or get pulled over by a police extortionist. That said, enjoy!

Note: A few of the publication dates of the earlier articles in this series are incorrect. Reason being, when I started writing articles, I forgot to put the date on there, and I was transitioning over to a new website. Though, they are relatively close.

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  1. (4/28/15) Adventures in Illinois Law: Cancelling My Voter Registration
  2. (4/30/15) Adventures in Illinois Law: Jury Summons
  3. (5/12/15) Adventures in Illinois Law: “Felony Scratching”
  4. (5/21/15) Adventures in Illinois Law, Part 1: Draconian Legislation at the County Level
  5. (5/27/15) Adventures in Illinois Law, Part 2: Draconian Legislation at the County Level
  6. (6/25/15) Proof of Success: Cancelling My Voter Registration
  7. (6/25/15) Adventures in Illinois Law: A Voluntaryist Observes a Coercive Courtroom
  8. (6/30/15) Sentencing: “Felony Scratching”
  9. (7/10/15) Behind Enemy Lines: The Dangers of the Libertarian Party
  10. (7/16/15) Adventures in Illinois Law: An Encounter with a “Bluecoat”
  11. (8/18/15) Adventures in Illinois Law: A Meeting with the State’s Attorney
  12. (8/28/15) Adventures in Illinois Law: Witnessing Tyranny Firsthand, an Anthology with a foreword by Kyle Rearden
  13. (10/1/15) A Bandit Gang, Writ Large: Mental Health Action Plan
  14. (10/14/15) Political Field Trips: A Tutorial on How to Experience Government Directly
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