The once touted “job security” within the statist-servile society is become less and less stable as time goes on. With most folks being employed by major corporations and the seemingly endless acquisitions and mergers, more people are finding themselves laid

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Jason and Shane discuss their Anarchy Day weekend shenanigans, analyze the contradictions and hypocrisy of those within the statist-servile society, and ponder why most folks refuse to take responsibility for their freedom,

On this edition of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Jason and Shane catch-up and discuss a better version of Uber and Lyft called LibreTaxi. LibreTaxi is not only the more privacy friendly option, but it can also be a route to

On this episode, we are joined once again by Philip Frey from the Valiant Growth Podcast to discuss frugality, a lifestyle that he lives day in and day out. The crux of the interview covers the typical three biggest expenses

In this edition of Crypto-Week (CW), Jason and I close out this installment of the series. Jason begins by telling us about his first experience trading crypto-currencies; that is, acquiring the initial Bitcoin, the process, the simplicity, etc. We then

LUA Radio 8.7: Pete Sisco (Perpetual Traveling/Making Money on the Internet) In this broadcast of LUA Radio, we discussed financial independence, making money on the Internet, and perpetual traveling. In the first hour, you will hear the interview I conducted

LUA Radio 1.17.16: Direct Action Series #3 w/ Jake Desyllas On tonight’s broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we premiered the third installment of the direct action series, where we examine each item on The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action