The Statist Turf War Concluded [social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”” icon=”fa-facebook”][social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”” icon=”fa-youtube-play”] On February 12th, Kyle Rearden and I were guests on Louis Bee’s Crotch Shot Radio Show to “close the book” on The Statist Turf War, more commonly

The Statist Turf War: Shane Joins Louis Bee on Crotch Shot Radio Tonight, I was invited to come onto Louis Bee’s Crotch Shot Radio to discuss “The Oregon Situation”; or as I like to call it, “The Statist Turf War”.

“You come here for the dick joke, you go to Shane for the news.” Early in the morning on Saturday, I was on The Crotch Shot Radio show with Louie Bee. It certainly wasn’t planned, but it was a good