In 1929, Ayn Rand pondered, “As to physics–learn why mind and reason are so decried as impotent when coping with the universe. Isn’t there some huge mistake there?” There was definitely something wrong then and the situation hasn’t changed today–rather,

Quote of the Month (Sept. 2017): Ayn Rand on Physics The following quote by Ayn Rand will provide a fantastic and appropriate “cliffhanger” for next week’s episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio. Darrell Becker & I will attempt to answer

LUA Radio 9.8: “Microaggressions,” Economics, and George H. Smith In this broadcast of LUA Radio, we covered a variety of subjects. In the first segment, we discussed the recent article by Reason Magazine where a couple of college residential advisors

Quote of the Month: August 2016 I had some ideas for this edition of LUA’s quote of the month, but I found this randomly and it is so fitting and so powerful. Ayn was a minarchist, but her contributions to