LUA Challenge for October 25th In this video, I discuss the October 28th broadcast and propose a challenge for our listeners, readers, and viewers. In hour 1, we will be joined by Lauren Rumpler, a musician, and host of the

LUA Radio 8.23: Guest Derrick Broze   On this week’s broadcast of Liberty Under Attack radio, I will interview Derrick Broze from the Conscious Resistance. Derrick is an anarchist, a journalist, a speaker, and the author of, “The Conscious Resistance: Reflections

Want to join Liberty Under Attack radio? Submissions will be made by email. Read on for more details. [social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”” icon=”fa-facebook”] If so, here’s your chance. Come next year, I will be much busier with work, school, and

LUA Radio 8/8-8/9: Live from the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest By: Shane Radliff [social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”” icon=”fa-facebook”] August 6th, 2015 This will definitely be a huge weekend for Liberty Under Attack. I will be at the Midwest Peace and

A Short Note: Invoking Emotion Removes Logic By: Shane Radliff August 2nd, 2015   Here at Liberty Under Attack, we talk and write about a lot of subjects that have the potential to piss a lot of people off. We

LUA Update: 8.2.15 and 8.9.15 I breakdown the subject for this Sunday’s broadcast of Liberty Under Attack radio and provide some additional information regarding the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest in Delton, Michigan.  

LUA Radio 7.26: Peaceful Parenting with Kal Molinet In this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack radio, we will be joined again by Kal Molinet from Liberate RVA. The topic for this show is peaceful parenting. Peaceful parenting is a truly

Bibliography For Why Suing the Government Doesn’t Work Below, is the bibliography for Kyle Rearden’s article titled, “Suing the Government Does Not Work: Lawsuits Are Not Useful For Securing Your Liberty”. ACLU v. NSA, Nos. 06-2095/2140 (2007) Oberwetter v. Hilliard

On June 21st, Liberty Under Attack radio will be joined by Kal Molinet, an anarchist from Virginia. He is with Liberate RVA, an anarchist community located in Richmond. He does shows on and has a lot of material on