Crypto-Week, Part 2.1: Dot-Bip with Michael W. Dean (LUA Podcast #9, 12/11/16) Part 2.1 of #Crypto-Week features the latter part of my interview with Michael Dean, a co-founder of the Freedom Feens Radio Show, which I am now a rotating

Crypto-Week, Part 1: An Introduction to Crypto-Currencies and Encryption (LUA Podcast #7, 12/4/16) On this podcast, we introduce a series that will run in the month of December. In part one, I provide my history and experience with crypto-currencies and

LUA Radio 7.7 DAS #24: Security Culture w/ Kyle Rearden On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we hosted the 24th edition of the direct action series. In a record-breaking 3hr 20 minute show, we were joined by Kyle

Just Below the Surface: A Guide to Security Culture The following contains the anthology and audiobook for Kyle Rearden’s newest release about the right to privacy. Due to the sheer length, the audiobook will be broken up into three sections

Disingenuous Activists! Why Leaderless Resistance is Preferable to Formal Organizations!%20Why%20Leaderless%20Resistance%20is%20Preferable%20to%20Formal%20Organizations.mp3 This is a mirrored article written by Kyle Rearden from The Last Bastille blog. We will be re-posting his articles pertaining to security culture, since that is a category

Anonymous and Encrypted Phones: Is it Possible?   By: Shane Radliff April 3rd, 2016 Download this article.   Mass surveillance is an epidemic that has been plaguing privacy advocates for decades. One of the most pervasive forms is the dragnet

Blending In: The Art of the Grey Man Editor’s Note: In the following months, LUA will be mirroring a series of articles regarding security culture, a category on The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action. This is the first of the

Socialist Insecurity: How the Raw Deal Enslaved Americans Download this spoken discourse. (MP3) – Download a PDF version of this article. By: Kyle Rearden The Last Bastille blog December 29th, 2015 Editor’s Note: In the following months, LUA will be

You Are Going to Prison: The Importance of an Arrest Plan Download this spoken discourse. (MP3) – Download a PDF version of this article. By: Shane Radliff October 7th, 2015   This so-called bastion of “freedom”, otherwise known as America, is home

Modeling Threats & Analyzing Risk: A Rebuttal Against “Doom Porn” This article was written by Kyle Rearden and originally published at The Last Bastille blog and is being mirrored at LUA. Download a PDF version of this article. Download this spoken