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Welcome to Liberty Under Attack, your home for anarchism in action.

Who is LUA?

WIN_20151026_04_44_21_ProShane started LUA in mid-2012 when he was just beginning his research. He ventured down the conspiratorial rabbit hole for awhile and was even a “sovereign citizen” at one time. In February 2015, he started Liberty Under Attack Radio, which was one of his goals for quite a long time. He is a free market anarchist and has been interviewed on many other shows in regards to The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action and the Direct Action Series. He is currently a junior in higher level indoctrination, majoring in journalism and minoring in philosophy, and plans to move to southern Illinois to homestead after getting that magic piece of paper.

As co-host of Liberty Under Attack, Stan is a survivalist, blogger, and graphic designer. Over the years, he has been interviewed by the alternative media on survival and preparedness topics ranging from self-sufficiency to off the grid living as well as emergency scenarios. Ideologically, he started out as constitutional patriot and is now a Christian anarchist.

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