On this episode of Liberty Under Attack, I am joined by our creative consultant, Kyle Rearden. Herein, we further try to understand what the hell this so-called “Deep State” is, why it’s all of a sudden such a hot topic

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack, I am joined by Aaron Thompson, one of the hosts on the Liberty Lampoon podcast. Herein, we discuss the role culture jamming plays in pushing freedom forward, the insanity that has taken place

On this episode, Jason and Shane close out their discussion on another anarchic school of thought known as “National Anarchism,” formulated by a gentleman named Troy Southgate. Herein, we cover parts 6-10 of their manifesto and provide our concluding thoughts.

Cancelling The Voter Registration: Success in Virginia! Nothing makes my day more than seeing a fellow freedom seeker completely opt-out of political crusading; that is, by cutting the nasty little tie to the State known as the voter registration. Earlier

It’s been two years and a couple of hours since the first broadcast of Liberty Under Attack concluded…that’s something worth talking about. In this short, supplemental special, Shane runs through the past two years and reflects upon the journey thus

On this episode of the podcast, Shane and Jason discuss a “new” anarchic school of thought that we came across: national anarchism by a gentleman named Troy Southgate. In this part one of two, we analyze the manifesto, discuss the