On this edition of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I present you with a BEST OF; we’re going deep into the archives and digging up an interview I conducted with Kyle Rearden from The Last Bastille Blog, all the way back

On this edition of Liberty Under Attack, I feature my recent interview on The Seeds of Liberty Podcast with Jeremy Henggeler and Dave Painter. We discussed conspiracy theories, #Pizzagate, Direct Action, and seasteading. I also play two chapters from Rayo’s,

Extraconstitutional #7: Do You Have the Right to Travel? Editor’s Note: The following is the capstone article in Kyle Rearden’s “Right to Travel” series. The author has asked me to mirror it here on LUA. All of the articles in

In this edition of Crypto-Week (CW), Jason and I close out this installment of the series. Jason begins by telling us about his first experience trading crypto-currencies; that is, acquiring the initial Bitcoin, the process, the simplicity, etc. We then

The final installment of #Crypto-Week for right now features my interview with Brian Sovryn, host of the Sovryn Tech podcast. We began with an update on Steemit, got deep into his Dark Android Project, I got his thoughts on CryptoNote

Crypto-Week, Part 2.1: Dot-Bip with Michael W. Dean (LUA Podcast #9, 12/11/16) Part 2.1 of #Crypto-Week features the latter part of my interview with Michael Dean, a co-founder of the Freedom Feens Radio Show, which I am now a rotating

Crypto-Week, Part 2: BipCoin with Michael W. Dean (LUA Podcast #8, 12/8/16) This part two of #Crypto-Week features an interview with Michael Dean, a co-founder of the Freedom Feens Radio Show, which I am now a rotating co-host on. We

Crypto-Week, Part 1: An Introduction to Crypto-Currencies and Encryption (LUA Podcast #7, 12/4/16) On this podcast, we introduce a series that will run in the month of December. In part one, I provide my history and experience with crypto-currencies and

Quote of the Month, December 2016 Liberty Under Attack has always taken a hardline stance against reformism (i.e. working within the system) and for good reason. The situation “we” find ourselves in today is the result of compromise after compromise,

Off-Grid Living with Alex Ansary (LUA Podcast #6, 12/1/16) On this podcast, I am joined by Alex Ansary, an off-grid homesteader in Colorado. We had him on the show as part of the direct action series on May 8th of