Talking Direct Action on the Liberty Lampoon Podcast (LUA Podcast #5, 11/27/16) On this edition of LUA Radio, you will hear my recent guest appearance on the Liberty Lampoon podcast. The core discussion was on The Freedom Umbrella of Direct

An Interview with James Corbett (LUA Podcast #4, 11/24/16) On this edition of LUA Radio, you will hear an interview I conducted with James Corbett on December 14th, 2015. Herein, we discuss his path to anarchism, the failed political means,

Happy Anarcho-Capitalism Day from Liberty Under Attack! Freedom holidays can be defined as: “…a type of libertarian culture jamming technique whereby government mythology is undermined through reappropriation of Americana. What this means, specifically, is that by way of renaming mainstream

“The Government Killed My Vape Business” w/ Jeff Nyzio (LUA Podcast #3, 11/20/16) On the final live broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio on the Freedom Phalanx Radio Network, we were joined by Jeff Nyzio, host of Disassociation Nation, another

All Sorts of Nullification w/ Merrick VanLandingham (LUA Podcast #2, 11/17/16) Let me begin by saying I’ve put my foot down on all types of reformism, whether it be the oxymoronic “anarchist politicians” or the “legalization” of marijuana (“legalization” is

The FBI Recognizes the Existence of Liberty Under Attack   By: Shane Radliff November 15th, 2016 Download this article.   It has recently come to my attention that Liberty Under Attack (LUA) has been named in an FBI intelligence document;

Was Jury Nullification a Factor for C4CF in Oregon? (LUA Podcast, 11/13/16) Well, I might as well come out and say it: as of November 17th, LUA will no longer be doing live broadcasts (at least for the time being)

LUA Radio 11.10: Peaceful Parenting Debate (Kevin Geary v. Kyle Rearden) On tonight’s broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we hosted a Peaceful Parenting debate between Kevin Geary and Kyle Rearden; Kevin is for the concept, and Kyle is against

“Pet Me or Kiss Your Internet Goodbye” (Shane on the Freedom Feens, 11/10) This morning, I had the pleasure of being on the Freedom Feens with Lou Feen and Lisa DeLasho. The crux of the discussion was focused on the

LUA Radio Special Edition: The “Sovereign Citizens” are Co-opting the CYVR Remedy The Sovereign Citizens Are Still Still Douchebags On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Kyle Rearden joins me as we complete part three in our “sovereign citizen”