Fake Judges: How & Why Sovereign Citizens are Undermining Patriot Groups This is an article is mirrored from The Last Bastille blog. All credit goes to the author. http://www.libertyunderattack.com/wp-content/uploads/Documents/Fake%20Judges%20-%20How%20&%20Why%20Sovereign%20Citizens%20are%20Undermining%20Patriot%20Groups.mp3 Download this spoken discourse. (MP3) By: Kyle Rearden April 3rd, 2016

Adventures in Illinois Higher Education: Why Are Most Millennials Socialists? http://www.libertyunderattack.com/wp-content/uploads/Documents/AIHE%20-%20Why%20Are%20Most%20Millennials%20Socialists.mp3 Download this spoken discourse. (MP3) By: Shane Radliff April 30th, 2016 Download this article.   “Socialism has scammed the oppressed peoples of the world into believing that socialism offers

Quote of the Month: May 2016 [social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”www.facebook.com/LUAtruth” icon=”fa-facebook”] [social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”www.youtube.com/libertyunderattack” icon=”fa-youtube-play”] In the past year or so, I’ve gotten in heated debates with self-avowed socialists regarding the “blending” of the free market (“capitalism”) with socialism.

Meme of the Day Courtesy of Charlie Kelly I’m a pretty huge fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the scene below is one of my favorites. In the spirit of culture jamming, I decided to change “on the

Shane on the Scritch Show Podcast with Chris Jantzen This past month, I had the pleasure of being on Chris Jantzen’s Scritch Show podcast. We discussed a number of subjects including my background, my motivation for starting/running LUA, my parents’

The Origins of the Harney County Committee of Safety http://www.libertyunderattack.com/wp-content/uploads/Documents/Full%20Discourse.mp3 Download this spoken discourse. (MP3) By: Shane Radliff and Kyle Rearden April 27th, 2016 Download this article.   “I know there’s people in Harney County that are wondering, how a

LUA Radio 4.24.16 Direct Action Series #13: Libertarian Roundtable #2 On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we hosted the 13th edition of the direct action series, which was also the 2nd libertarian roundtable. We discussed the issue of

Kyle Rearden on the FSP Board of Trustees (VIDEO) The following is an audio excerpt from the April 17th broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio. Herein, Kyle provides his thoughts and concerns regarding the Free State Project’s Board of Trustees.

Demonizing Those Who Aspire for More Freedom (VIDEO) Herein, I refute a couple of particularly atrocious articles. The author attacks any ideology that aspires for more freedom. It’s so bad, that “libertarianism”, “patriotism”, and “sovereign citizens”, are all included in

LUA Radio 4.17.16 Direct Action Series #12: Guerrilla Warfare & Just War Theory On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we hosted the 12th edition of the direct action series. Kyle Rearden joined us to discuss guerrilla warfare and