Quote of the Day: December 30th, 2015 It’s been about a week since the last post went up on Liberty Under Attack, so I figured I would leave you with this for the time being. I have been busy this

YouTube Fashion Police: Valente Gonzalez Should Be Tossed in a Cage for Wearing a Kilt   By: Shane Radliff December 23rd, 2015 Download this article.   On August 18th of this year, I posted a video excerpt of Open Carry

Adventures in Illinois Higher Education: Communist Indoctrination Anthology Download the Word document. Download the PDF. Audiobook Download the audiobook in MP3 format. Download the audiobook in MP4 format. For more great content like this, please consider donating to Liberty Under Attack. Alternatively,

LUA Radio 12.20.15: w/ James Corbett On this special, pre-recorded edition of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we will be joined by James Corbett of CorbettReport.com to discuss a number of subjects, including agorism, anarchism, his work, and much, much more.

James Corbett Speaks with Liberty Under Attack This past Monday, I had the pleasure of pre-recording an interview with James Corbett, from CorbettReport.com. I’ve been aware of him for a couple of years now, and his work within investigative journalism

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LUA Radio 12.13.2015: Last Broadcast of the Year w/ Kyle Rearden On this final live broadcast for the calendar year, Liberty Under Attack Radio was joined by Kyle Rearden from The Last Bastille blog to discuss the process of writing

Adventures in Illinois Higher Education: Outspoken College Student Experiences Unjust Profiling Download this spoken discourse. – Download a PDF version of this article.   By: Shane Radliff December 11th, 2015   “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth

The Direct Action Series: Promotional Video [social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”youtube.com/libertyunderattack” icon=”fa-youtube-play”][social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”facebook.com/LUAtruth” icon=”fa-facebook”][social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”https://plus.google.com/+LibertyUnderAttack” icon=”fa-google-plus”] In January and February, Liberty Under Attack Radio will be bringing you the direct action series. Here is the promotional video.

Adventures in Illinois Higher Education: The First Encounter with Substitute Professor Statist After His Discovery of Liberty Under Attack Download this spoken discourse. (MP3) – Download a PDF version of this article. By: Shane Radliff December 10th, 2015 Even while