Quote of the Month: November 2015 [social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”facebook.com/luatruth” icon=”fa-facebook”][social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”youtube.com/libertyunderattack” icon=”fa-youtube”] Murray Rothbard, also known as “Mr. Libertarian”, has made a number of contributions to the philosophy of anarcho-capitalism. The selected quote for November is taken

Adventures in Illinois Higher Education: “Denial” PowerPoint I wasn’t expecting a new edition of Adventures in Illinois Higher Education this week, but pure gold dropped into my email. In this video, I examine and expose the rhetoric pushed in this

Libertarian Role Modeling: How to Outgrow the State Download this spoken discourse. (MP3) – Download a PDF version of this article. By: Shane Radliff [social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”facebook.com/luatruth” icon=”fa-facebook-square”] Edited & Proofread by Kyle Rearden [social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”thelastbastille.wordpress.com” icon=”fa-bitcoin”] October 29th, 2015

The Voice of Resistance Official Trailer This past Sunday, we had the opportunity to interview Lauren Rumpler and she mentioned that she had a documentary in the works. Above, is the trailer and it is set to release on November

LUA Radio 10.25.15: Lauren Rumpler & Kyle Rearden On tonight’s broadcast of Liberty Under Attack radio, we were joined by Lauren Rumpler to discuss objectivism, polyamory (an item on the Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action), and the happenings in the

FPRN Merger #1: Shane on Disassociation Nation Today, I had the pleasure of joining Paul and Nick on Disassociation Nation to discuss a number of important subjects. We first discussed my Adventures in Illinois Higher Education, then moved onto the

A Day in the Life of the Average Joe Citizen Download this spoken discourse. (MP3) – Download a PDF version of this article. The following is a hypothetical scenario that is presented here as one way to answer Shane Radliff’s challenge

LUA Challenge for October 25th In this video, I discuss the October 28th broadcast and propose a challenge for our listeners, readers, and viewers. In hour 1, we will be joined by Lauren Rumpler, a musician, and host of the

Jumping the Minarchist Ship: Why & How America Came to Be Download this spoken discourse. (MP3) – Download a PDF version of this article. By: Shane Radliff and Kyle Rearden October 21st, 2015   Part 1: The Sinking Minarchist Ship, a

The Sad Legacy of Ronald Reagan By: Sheldon L. Richman October 1st, 1988 Published at the Mises Institute   On August 2, 1988, President Ronald Reagan announced that he had changed his mind about the pro-union plant-closing bill. He had